Hannover Messe 2018 : Day 2 More, great interviews and observations. There is life beyond Hall 7!

Hurrah! Today, we’ve made progress on the technology issues and thanks to those nice networking people at the back of the Microsoft booth for allowing me to plug into their LAN. life savers!

So, to today. We’ve ventured cautiously beyond hall 7 to hall 6. To be honest we’ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire. So much to do and say and we’ve not even scratched the surface. Will need to head back tomorrow for to get more from those in hall 7, after a brief foray into hall 9.

We haven’t found any more takers for our challenges. I did ask a couple of people on stands that shall remain unnamed. Talk on simplicity and the topic of BlockChain seems to result in a sharp intake of breath followed by a furrowed brow, and a “I’m not sure I’m the right person for this, and the person you need isn’t here at the moment”.  Oh well…

First port of call, I was delighted to speak to Brenda Discher, Dave Taylor and Andreas Schaefer on the Siemens PLM stand. (For those that aren’t in the know, Brenda has just joined Siemens as Senior Vice President for Business Strategy and Marketing).

A quick look at an example from the Siemens stand on generative and carbon fibre design.

And a practical (and highly visual) demonstration of the Digital Twin, again from Siemens.

Diego and I moved on to Dassault Systemes stand, speaking to one of their partners, a Mr Lukas Weidinger from Rexroth, a Bosch Company.

While at Dassault’s stand, grateful for a coffee break I had a chance to catch up with old friends, Michael Bruckmann, now Partner Marketing for Dassault, and Nuri Zughaid, from Mentor, A Siemens company. Goes to prove that friends can be competitors.

I spoke to Michael Kleinert from Lufthansa Industry Solutions. Interesting (but understandable) extension to a company probbaly wider know for it’s airline and MRO operations.

Then on to Huawei. A company with broad coverage, touching many, many areas of our digital world. Me and shiny toys….

And some more specific observations from Diego on Huawei

Diego and I then had an excellent conversation with a very knowledgeable passer at the Intel stand, Max Rowe. Max was kind enough share some fascinating insights based on his research into vision systems.

Next I spoke to Dr Matthias Freitag, from T-Systems, who’re very keen to continue to expand in areas ‘enterprise’. Love the quote, “the nerds have taken over production”

Spending time on the packed Amazon AWS stand speaking to Manuel Belke on an automotive use case based on AWS, and using Greengrass

Finally I speak to an old friend, Bernhard Valnion, who, amongst other things, has recently launched his new publication, d1g1tal AGENDA. Bernhard shared his view on the show and industry trends.