Episode 3 of The IoT Show : The world of (Smarter) Cities

The IoT Show delivers valuable insights for industrial organisations on the industrial internet of things and topics touching the broader internet of things. We pick engaging, hot topics, and ask our speakers to advise on situations, opportunities, recommendations and gotchas. This series is not a sales medium, rather a series of discussions for you to benefit from the experiences and insights of others.

In this third episode of the IoT Show, we look at the topics of Smarter and Connected Buildings and Cities, and what IoT means in the areas of Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries and to Owners/Operators. We focus too on Cities and Public infrastructures and services.

Episode 3 guests include Martin Powell from Siemens, Ted Lamboo from Bentley Systems and Lisa DeLuca from IBM.


SolidWorks World 2015 – an ‘experience’ of community.

As one of the CAD industries larger events SolidWorks World (SWW) continues to be an event that sets a benchmark for others when it comes to community gatherings. The SolidWorks ecosystem is one that many have marvelled at over the past 20 or so years and this year’s SWW event reflected a robust and enthusiastic end-user community.

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Are current product development practices fit for purpose in the IOT world?

The Internet of Things (IOT) promises a step change in the added-value of tomorrow’s products. Of course the intelligent connection of product and services offers significant value-add to (companies and) users, but it’s not just the end-user that benefits. Manufacturers can enhance new products with features and services that deliver additional revenues and profit; potentially over lengthy timeframes.

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SolidWorks World 2013, Orlando – bigger and better? Lets discuss…

Having attended SolidWorks World on and off for many years (at least 9 over the past 15 years if I remember correctly) it’s interesting to reflect on a change in the nature of the event. The event, to me anyway, was a tad less vibrant than former years; the SolidWorks execs and staff were very welcoming and the customers engaging, but somehow the unique passion that was the hallmark of the original team (who’ve now all but departed from the organisation) seems to be diminishing.

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