Episode 4 of The IoT Show : Analytics AI Machine learning Business and manufacturing insights.

The IoT Show delivers valuable insights for industrial organisations on the industrial internet of things and topics touching the broader internet of things. We pick engaging, hot topics, and ask our speakers to advise on situations, opportunities, recommendations and gotchas. This series is not a sales medium, rather a series of discussions for you to benefit from the experiences and insights of others.

In our fourth episode, we look areas of insight, analytics and the like that’re often fundamentals of, or leveraged in, IIoT and IoT investments.

We’re delighted to have been joined by guests, Jordan Janeczko from ATOS, Lisa DeLuca from IBM and Timo Elliot from SAP.


Hannover Messe 2018 : Day 1 (Some interviews, the realities of being a digital nomad and our exhibitor challenges)

One never stops learning. Our educational snippets for yesterday (Monday 23rd) included…

  1. Never believe the internet speeds publicised
  2. Don’t believe that even if there is (any speed of) internet available, you can connect to it
  3. Don’t record videos in HD
  4. Carry as little as possible if you think you’ll have to walk the aisles at a big show
  5. Weather prediction is as random as ever

That being said, a fascinating first day at the Hannover Messe 2018. My friend Diego Tamburini and I took turns to interview some exhibitors in Hall 7. Hall 7, for those not in the know, is one of those showcasing the ‘Digital Factory’. In total there are 27 halls….. We’ll most likely be spending the majority of our time speaking and investigating those with Digital intent, halls 6 to 8, 2 and 9 to 22 . That is unless you, the readership, suggest otherwise? Continue reading

IBM Genius of Things summit 2017 – The Internet of Things (IoT) moves beyond (any supposed) peak of inflated expectations.

For many of us engaged in the world of Internet of Things (IoT), anyone suggesting that the IoT paradigm is merely a passing fashion might be considered at best ill-informed***. Proof, if I can call it that, are the many, many practical use cases that IoT and it’s sister acronym, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) (and Industry 4.0) have in the market today. Indeed (if any more were needed), the many customer stories presented at IBM’s foremost customer IoT event, the IBM Genius of Things (IBMGoT) on February 18th in Munich, Germany only serve to re-confirm my sentiments; IoT is here, it’s practical and it’s valuable. Continue reading

Taxal at COFES 2010

COFES is a unique event that brings together executives from design, engineering, architectural, development and technology companies together with a select group of end users of technology to understand the role engineering technology will play in the future survival and success of business.

This year’s event was well attended with over 260 attendees (http://tinyurl.com/cofes2010) with a handful of participants not able to make the journey due to air travel restrictions from Europe. Most Europeans were delayed in their return journey, but speaking personally I can at least be grateful for being stranded in sunny climes and in the hospitable company of Al Dean and Martyn Day, publishers of Develop3D.

Of the first time attendees to COFES, I was delighted to host Kristian Talvitie from PTC, Frank Patz-Brockmann from Contact Software, Vinay Wagle from CADCAM-E and Rupert Poon from Romax Technology. Hopefully they found our briefings and discussions worthwhile, as did all with whom I spoke.

Highlights of the event included the many varied discussions in both formal and informal session. Amongst the many topics were those on new product developments, industry and end-user trends, and the opportunities and challenges facing the industry and our customers.

Insightful keynotes of specific note were delivered by Peter Marks (Blind Spotting : FACTS FIRST) and Bo Burlingham (Got Mojo?). I understand that videos and sound recordings (of these and other sessions) are due to be posted on-line at the COFES web site in the near future and I thoroughly recommend taking a few minutes to listen to/watch them.

My particular technology suite briefing focused on ‘Cloud and Channel’; a thought provoking session with excellent interaction from the many and varied participants. Based on the fact that there was standing room only for this meeting, this is a topic that’s near and dear to many of the attendees’ hearts; end user and suppliers alike. My thanks to Kenneth Wong from Desktop Engineering for his published excerpts which can be found on his observations pagehttp://www.deskeng.com/virtual_desktop/ .

Allan Behrens of Taxal to represent industry views at SME event.

Providing industry insight and comment in this at the Innovative Engineering Workshops on the 11th February in Warwick, UK, Allan aims to help increase the opportunity for the smaller UK business to take advantage of technology to increase their opportunity and competitiveness.
With engineering SMEs playing such a crucial role in the UK economy and in a world that demands speed, accuracy & flexibility, it is vital to UK competitiveness that SMEs adopt world-class engineering processes, powered by the most advanced technologies available.
Intended to be the first of a series of events and supported by the Regional Development Agency and Warwick Manufacturing Group’s Digital Labs, this particular event is aimed at Engineering Managers in West Midland SMEs.  The day is focused on helping companies manage and maintain ever increasing amounts of engineering information and the escalating burdens of compliancy and administration from complex regulatory & technical requirements.
For more information or to register your interest in attending please go to Innovative Engineering Workshops

Taxal launches new web site

We’re delighted to announce the publishing of our new web site at taxal.com.

Not only is the site our information portal but it’s our intention to allow users to use it as discussion and networking portal for those involved in the sale, service and use of IT in business. (Essentially all of the IT industry including users, suppliers and industry pundits).

We’ll try to keep our news and views to a minimum and encourage others to use our facilities to provide valued contributions that encourage discussion and thought leadership to the community at large.

Visitors can make comments on content, view forums and blog topics and add their own input to forum discussions by registering on our web site. There are no costs for participation.

Our primary objective is to facilitate but not necessarily seed discussion topics. We’re happy to leave that to others! (Remembering, of course that these are intended for the benefit of the community).

Please remember that the site is meant to engender positive and constructive discussion, as such we reserve the right to remove anything which may be deemed likeley to cause offence or is against the interest of the community.