Welcome to Taxal

Our objective is to increase our customers success by delivering business insight, technology and consulting services.

Taxal provides analysis, advisory, research and business services for IT users, product and service companies looking to increase revenues and profitability.

Leveraging extensive experience in software, hardware and service companies, channel partners and analysis and consulting organisations, Taxal delivers a broad range of services to both large and small businesses. Amongst our offerings we provide analysis, business development support, management counselling and services to support business planning, execution and measurement.

Looking for independent professional advice, sales resource, channels and service partners? Fed up of spending time and money on intermittent or unsuccessful forays into new or uncharted territories?

Not sure if the opportunity exists? Need to find out? Not sure if you’re addressing the right market? Unsure if your organisation is enabled to deliver the results you need?

Are you missing opportunities or needlessly losing to the competition? Have you the right people with the background, motivation, collateral and knowledge to succeed?

Finding it difficult to articulate your products, services or values to your customers or partners? Confused by a myriad of potential routes to market?

Problems with suppliers, distributors or resellers? Need help managing conflict or escalation?

Finding it difficult to manage or incentivise your sales teams or channels? Interested in building a stronger and more loyal partner network?

For help or for more information please call us on +44 (0) 1663 734012 or send a message via the contact form on our web site.