Episode 5 of The IoT Show : Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Realities in the age of the IIoT

The IoT Show delves into topics on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and touches on the broader Internet of Things (IoT). We pick engaging, hot topics, and ask our speakers to advise on situations, opportunities, recommendations and gotchas so that listeners can benefit from the experiences and insights of others.

In Episode 5 of the series, we look at the topics of computer generated and augmented realities and their place in the IIoT.

Our  esteemed guests were Stuart Thurlby, Founder and CEO of Theorem Solutions, Enrique Andaluz Director Global Business Advisory from Microsoft, Martin Wassmann, Senior Technical Specialist from PTC and Nicholas Putman, Senior Commercial Engineer from Rockwell Automation.


Hannover Messe 2018 : Day 5. Foot spa required and a few more Hannover Highlights

You’d probably expect Diego and I to be flagging on the final (fifth) day. If you’d asked my feet, the answer would be yes, but from an information gathering standpoint, absolutely not!

From a visitor perspective, it was a slow day. The throngs of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were nowhere to be seen. What throngs there were, (as per previous days) centred on those with appealing stands. There were some stands/companies who shall remain nameless…but you know who you are…. that were, to be frank, disappointing and all the emptier on the Friday. Shame on them for having (many, MANY) screens showing text….no visual (or practical) examples of  products, no working solutions or graphic marketing messages. A lesson to be learned for next year perhaps? Continue reading

IBM Watson – The rise of the (thinking) machine

I remember a few years ago, speaking on topics of AI and thinking machines, only to be critiqued (by some, not all) of my analyst colleagues for having expectations well beyond accepted realms of timescales and possibility. Visiting IBM’s World of Watson event in November proved that not only was I right, but even (dare I say it) not aggressive enough on my expectations. Continue reading

IoT (Internet of things) at PTC. An avid work in progress…. and showing promise.

I attended PTC’s LiveWorx event in June. PTC’s investments and product announcements over recent times are, to me anyway, a commitment to IoT that’s beyond that of many of their competitors. There again, PTC’s ‘old’ competition aren’t necessarily their new ones, especially in the rapidly evolving IoT market. Continue reading

PTC delivers an impressive view of their unified IoT product strategy.

Last week in Boston (MA), PTC provided press and analysts with significantly more flesh to their product bones in their integrated CAD, PLM, SLM, Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) product lines. Although many press and analysts were there in person, the event was also livestreamed to a wider (14,000+) global audience. Continue reading