Autodesk – Aiming to Accelerate ahead of their competitors.

Autodesk’s 2016 Accelerate event – Cloud led, positive customers, excited prospects and approachable employees. In my eyes a positively transforming business. Continue reading

Developing thoughts and strategies for the next big thing – (IoT) Thinking, ‘innovating outside the traditional box (or in this case, dustbin)’

Following on my train of thought on how the IoT is transforming products and business models, I took the opportunity to visit another IoT innovator during a recent trip to the Boston area. Their story is as insightful and thought provoking to those interested in IoT innovation as was my last example. Continue reading

The Innovators’ Dilemma: Developing thoughts and strategies for the next big thing (IoT 101 v0.01)

The Innovators’ Dilemma* (by M. Clayton Christensen) suggests that companies pander disproportionately (and develop) to current customer needs. In so doing they stand to miss the opportunity to develop (their business and/or products) to cater for possible next big thing.

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Recent meetings with IBM reflect forward thinking strategies

Recent meetings with IBM reflect a number of forward thinking strategies; from silicon to software, services and IT hardware. Of course no company is perfect and IBM, as reflected by their last quarter’s results, is not immune to the dynamics of markets and/or technology. Having said this, their initiatives around Smarter Planet, business analytics and Cloud are growing at (an impressive) double digit rates, as too their business in many of the world’s emerging economies, notably China, India and Russia.

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