Developing thoughts and strategies for the next big thing – (IoT) Thinking, ‘innovating outside the traditional box (or in this case, dustbin)’

Following on my train of thought on how the IoT is transforming products and business models, I took the opportunity to visit another IoT innovator during a recent trip to the Boston area. Their story is as insightful and thought provoking to those interested in IoT innovation as was my last example. Continue reading

PTC delivers an impressive view of their unified IoT product strategy.

Last week in Boston (MA), PTC provided press and analysts with significantly more flesh to their product bones in their integrated CAD, PLM, SLM, Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) product lines. Although many press and analysts were there in person, the event was also livestreamed to a wider (14,000+) global audience. Continue reading

The Cloud – The dilemma of long term strategy vs. a rapidly evolving ecosystem?

The word ‘Cloud’ to me denotes a vision on the evolution of user-centric computing. To some, including a senior party to HP’s strategy (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons), the expression seems to be abused and over-hyped. Let’s face it; it’s a term that most of us can assimilate. Most of the people I speak with seem to understand its general vision and pretty much its implementation; but let’s not haggle over semantics shall we? What’s important is that it’s a valuable proposition to businesses and users alike.

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