Hannover Messe 2018. Our summary: Impressive and informative ….. and make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

My activity tracker reads 54.51 miles walked over the past 5 days. The only regrets I have, are not having had more time to spend speaking with with (even more) exhibitors, and time to visit some of the other (10+) halls.

Diego and I walked the aisles of halls 6,7,8,9,2 and 17; in some cases multiple times to (hopefully) bring you what we thought were amongst the most interesting show snippets. I must offer my congratulations to the exhibitors; insightful exhibits, pleasant, open and accommodating personnel. Lots of (examples of) technology that highlighted values for clients, rather than on demonstrations of feeds and speeds. Technology demonstrations were highly visual, interactive and interesting, with a focus on understandable real-world situations and/or probable scenarios. Bravo!

Here’s our two penneth; our summary and key takeaways from this years exhibition.